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With our extensive experience in the swimming pool construction industry we can provide a complete design service for new swimming pools, swimming centres or water parks.

We have many years experience in pool renovations too, so if your existing swimming pool or water park is encountering some problems we can design a cost effective solution to restore the pool water body and filtration systems to as new condition.

Good initial planning by specialists in the pool industry can save a lot in construction costs and ongoing costs such as energy and chemicals.

Project Management

Building swimming pools has it own unique requirements. With our experience we can assist the build process to produce a beautiful and reliable swimming pool or water park.

Our experience in all facets of the build from concrete shell construction, interior finishing, plumbing, water filtration and water treatment means your project will be completed on time and on budget.


Don't be fooled into thinking swimming pool and water park construction is the same as general construction. Specialist materials and methods will ensure your investment remains just that and doesn't become and expensive ongoing nightmare of repairs or a pool that is difficult to operate.


Do you own or operate and existing swimming pool or water park that is not performing as you expect ?


Is your swimming pool looking a bit old and worse for wear ?

Is your water filtration or water treatment not keeping up with your bather loading ?

We can provide a condition report for your facility and suggest possible remedies to restore your pool to better than new condition to make managing the complex systems as easy as possible.

We can also provide specialist training in water treatment for swimming pools or water parks that can save money on expensive chemicals while providing improved water quality for your customers.

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