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AF WATER CONTROL® Pump Controller


AF WATER CONTROL Pump Controller is a Green and Energy saving product, it’s integrated with reactors and EMI filters, power control panel together, can protect and extend service life of the pump. After the pump motor is installed with the AF WATER CONTROL pump controller, the energy saving effect is very significant, which can save about 53% of the electric energy compared with that without the frequency converter, and the operation process is safe and stable.

  • Control pumps up to 30 kW (larger by request)

  • Flow protection

  • Pressure monitoring for pump inlet and outlet

  • Power factor correction for highest efficiency

  • Inbuilt EMI Filters on both supply and motor

  • Remote access via desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone

  • Event and fault logging

  • Operation logging

  • On-board RCCB protection

  • On screen user speed control

  • Outlet pressure speed control

  • Factory testing and certification

  • Email alerts for faults

Talk with our friendly sales team for other requirements, we can build an automatic water treatment controller to your specifications.

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