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 AF Water Control® Automatic control system

AF WATER CONTROL commercial plant room control system is designed for swimming Pool Filtration and Sanitation control system.

With over 10 years design and construct filtration and construction for aquatic centers and high-end pools, we gain a lot of experiences on how to make a well controlled commercial plant room control system for your pools and water entertainment.

We have many successful commercial installations in Australia from single pools to large swim centers with multiple pools and water parks with several water bodies.

AF WATER CONTROL commercial plant room control system is pre-installed with basic components needed to run your pools automatically. It provides the basic elements for filtration system, pump system, disinfection system, heating system, etc. It can control and run the equipment in the plantroom automatically.

The control system also with remote control which enable to monitor and control by your computers, tablets and smart phones. Remote access ability assists our technicians in operator training, fault diagnosis and keeping your water treatment or water park operating.


AF WATER CONTROL commercial plant room control system provides a platform for data collection like water temperature, pump and filter pressures, water flow rates, chemical parameters that is stored both locally within each unit and in I-cloud based servers for later analysis. With information and control you can achieve the most efficient operations, saving energy, chemicals and labor.

We can also design and supply electrical distribution systems with power monitoring included. This collected data can assist in decision making for pool operators and managers of commercial swimming pools and water parks.

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Talk with our friendly sales team for other requirements, we can build an automatic water treatment controller to your specifications.

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